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Plumbing Services in Corpus Christi, TX

Drain Kings Plumbing Company is a family-owned business, so recognize the personal value of worry-free plumbing at home or your place of business. You want your family to have any-time access to clean water and use of the bathroom, as well as clean clothes and dishes. Restaurants, store owners, and other businesses need functional facilities for their staff and customers. We’ve spent over two decades in the plumbing industry, gaining in-depth knowledge and a thorough understanding of the Corpus Christi area’s needs. With our team of highly-trained plumbing specialists, we keep the water moving and fixture and appliances in pristine working order for homes and buildings hitting their centennial mark and new construction. Whatever your issue may be, we perform every repair, replacement, installation, and other services with the knowledge and proficiency that comes from

Residential & Commercial Repairs, Installations, & More

As a seasoned authority in plumbing problems and services, Drain King Plumbing Company has helped countless residential and commercial customers. We continue to keep their drains, water lines, sewer lines, fixtures, and appliances running at their best capacity. For the best results on your plumbing needs in the Corpus Christi area, we offer a broad range of services to resolve your current issues and help prevent future problems. Our specialists perform plumbing service in the following areas:

Plumbing for Homes, Businesses, & New Construction

Whether your plumbing needs bring us to your home, business, or a new construction site to diagnose and fix issues, Drain King Plumbing Company provides exceptional workmanship. We pair our adept skills with stellar customer service to ensure you get the experience you deserve. Call us today for residential or commercial plumbing, including our 24/7 emergency service to resolve unexpected pipe bursts, appliance breakdowns, and more. We provide free estimates on the service you need.

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