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About Drain King Plumbing Company in Corpus Christi, TX

For more than two decades, Drain King Plumbing Company has served our customers throughout the greater Corpus Christi, TX area with plumbing services committed to honesty, reliability, and expertise. Over time, our family-owned company has grown into a successful plumbing business that employs a fleet of workers on call 24/7. Residents and businesses throughout the area have benefited from the versatile skills and knowledge our plumbing specialists provide for every service. We’ve helped countless commercial and residential customers with their plumbing issues, including installations, repairs, cleaning, and replacements. Our customers are our community of homeowners, real estate professionals, apartment complexes, restaurants, and various commercial and industrial businesses. To serve our community, we provide honestly, high-quality workmanship with friendly customer service from our plumbing specialists.

Drain King Truck

The Story of Juan & Rosa

In March of 1999, Juan and Rosa Sanchez started their journey with Drain King Plumbing Company. Juan had already been employed as a plumber for nine years before deciding to create an independent operation of his own. Things did not start out easy. Their company began as a home operation with Juan’s van getting broken into within the first year. The culprit stole all of his tools and machines. Despite this unfortunate setback, Juan and Rosa knew their reputation and hard work would make the difference, and their company blossomed with outstanding growth. To this day, Drain King Plumbing Company is a family-owned business, and even their children have become licensed plumbers. The company’s success is due to the whole business family—not just Juan and Rosa, but all the employees of Drain King. Many members of the team have been around since the company first started.

Drain King staff in front of trucks

Call Us for Honest, Reliable Plumbing Service

Let Drain King Plumbing Company help you with your plumbing problems. You’ll benefit from our dedicated service built on honesty, reliability, and thorough expertise in residential and commercial plumbing. Other advantages of our company include military and senior discounts, as well as 24/7 emergency service for unexpected situations. We evaluate the work needed and provide free estimates for our services to give you peace of mind. Give us a call today for truly outstanding plumbing services.

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